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Memorandum to the Hon’ble Minister-in-Charge, Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal, Dated 20th February, 2013
Outcome of the Meeting, dated 20th February, 2013
Discussion is all round positive. The Ministry and the Department of Higher Education are extremely sympathetic toward the issues of notional benefits, Ph D & M Phil increments, Ph D & M Phil benefits in Academic Grade Pay (AGP), 80% arrears and all other issues mentioned in the memorandum. The WBCUPA holds a very positive expectation in respect of all the issues mentioned and expresses all round satisfaction.

WBCUPA appeals to all its members as well as the College & University Professors & Teachers to attend their normal duties on the 20th and 21st February, 2013. Please come and join hands together to raise voice against strike and inaction.
Let us give all round support to our Government in its great mission of LEAD BENGAL.

This progressive forum of College and University teachers of West Bengal bears true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, and is organised in support of the epoch-making ‘Change’ that has ushered in a new dawn in the social, cultural and political milieu of West Bengal after decades of oppression, misrule and prolonged tyranny of particracy in all spheres of social life, most shamefully in the field of education. The forum shall bear true faith and allegiance to the principles of ‘Change’ founded on the ideals of Nationalism, Socialism, Secularism and Democracy. The forum shall give its all round support to the “Architects of Change” in their drive to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and injustice and cause upliftment of the downtrodden by ensuring social equality, awakening of the masses by peaceful movements, participation in the free and fair electoral process, and to free higher education and research from the domain of particracy and nepotism. The members of the forum firmly pledge to remain faithful, unified and undaunted in their aims and objectives, and also to protect and ensure the dignity, rights and freedom of teachers’ community as well as society in general.

WBCUPA holds One-day Workshop on Issues of Governance in Higher Education in West Bengal : Research, Promotion & Leave Rules on 8th April, 2013 at 1:00 PM in the Auditorium at University Law College Campus, Hazra Road, Kolkata – 700 019. Prof. Bratya Basu, the Hon’ble Minister–In-Charge of Education, Govt. of West Bengal has kindly consented to inaugurate the proceedings of the workshop. The workshop will be held in collaboration with the Dept. of Law, University of Calcutta, Dept. of Physiology, University of Kalyani, IQAC, West Bengal State University and Barracpore Rashtraguru Surendranath College. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellors, Higher Government Officials from Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal, Pro Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, Inspector of Colleges, Principals and other Academicians have also agreed to grace the occasion by their presence.

In view of the recent Govt. Order (G. O. No.: Memo No. ED-201/1(4) dated 20/03/2013) issued by Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI), Govt. of West Bengal, West Bengal College and University Professors’ Association (WBCUPA) fervently appeals to all its members and also to our esteemed colleagues in different colleges of our state to attend their respective institutes and extend sincere cooperation held to the college authority for holding the TET (Teachers’ Eligibility Test) Examination for recruitment of primary school teachers to be held on 31/03/2013. All concerned are further requested to remain present at the respective institutes in due time and perform the duties to be assigned to them by the authority. However, they are also requested to extend their helping hands to the neighbouring institutes holding the TET Examination, if so required, for the greater interest of the School Education in our state through recruitment of teachers at Government-aided Primary Schools, where a vast majority of the poor and down-trodden students are getting their Primary / Elementary education in our State.


An emergency meeting of West Bengal College & University Professors Association (WBCUPA) has been convened on 16/4/2013 at 6 pm to discuss holding a one day workshop on issues of governance in higher education of West Bengal : Research, Promotion and Leave roles to be organized by WBCUPA in collaboration with Burdwan University and Sidho Kanho Birsha University (SKBU). For any other information please contact General Secretary, Dr. G. C. Sadhukhan